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About Us

Mycelia is a retreat center that specializes in Psylocibin therapy. We work with experienced therapists who are trained in the latest research and best practices of psychedelic assisted therapy. Our therapists and facilitators are here to support and guide you through your journey. They are selected for their excellent communication skills and compassion for others. You will find them easy to connect with and helpful throughout your journey.


Our team

As professionals in our fields, we have a shared vision of healing and psychedelics. Our goal is to provide an amazing experience that satisfies our clients' needs and expectations. We constantly seek new ways to improve our performance and enhance your expertise.

Troy Tennison

VIP Host, Director

Jamie Collins

Massage Therapist

Jordan James


Devon Bennett

Psychedelic Guide, Yoga Instructor

Teodora Petkova (Tea)

Psychedelic Facilitator
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Explore the diverse potential of Psychedelics

At Mycelia we have experienced VIP Hosts to help navigate the way and ensure you have unparalleled experience. Whether you’re a prospective psychedelic first-timer or have experience with mushrooms, the idea of set and setting probably isn’t new to you. But if it is, a quick summary: The conditions in which you use psychedelics seriously influence the kind of experience you have. It’s not that every element must be perfectly arranged, but there are a number of factors you don’t want to leave up to chance. 

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Reviews from Guests

Chuck Regan

It has been one week since my return from the Mycelia Fireflies retreat. I went on this retreat because of the stress and anxiety I was carrying. Now, seven days later, friends, family, and co-workers, have all been telling me that I am a new person. Extremely relaxed… And I feel it! I don’t have the words to describe the appreciation I have for the Mycelia staff and facilitators, as well as the other guests who became wonderful friends on this journey!”

Chuck Regan

Happy Client
Megan Fisher

“Wow” I think is the best word to describe the experience I had at Mycelia. This place is so special I am already planning on returning. I am so grateful and so unbearably happy that I chose Mycelia. I could not of had a more perfect experience and I am so ready to live the next chapter of my life as my true authentic self 🙂

Megan Fisher

Happy Guest
Maria Holyanova

My visit to Mycelia was nothing short of spectacular. With regular yoga, mindfulness practices, sound healing, and massage therapy coupled with the beauty of nature for a truly restorative experience – as well as plant medicine ceremonies which helped rewire my brain in a much needed way – this was a divine place to heal both my mind and soul!

Maria Holyanova

Happy Client