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Saint-Mary, Jamaica

We blend ancient practices (meditation, yoga, ancestral wisdom and shamanic practices) with the help of psychotherapy, modern science and a variety of effective integration methods. We assist our participants to reconnect with themselves, each other and nature in order to explore the subconscious patterns within ourselves and create real and lasting change.

The Mystique

Sugar Pot Beach

Relax and enjoy your first day at this rustic hidden treasure 5 minutes from the Mycelia Villa.

Discover a hidden gem in beautiful St Mary Jamaica, where you can escape the crowds and enjoy a more authentic experience with Sea, Sand and Retreat. This retreat is situated on a hilltop with a stunning view of the Carribean Sea.

Our retreat is tailored to your needs and goals, and we will provide you with all the support, connection and tools you need to integrate your experience.

Experience the best of Jamaica

The White River is a diverse and magical place with beautiful intricacies. We start day two at the top where the river begins its journey. This is where you experience Jungle therapy and connect with all its splendor.

We are bringing you to this location for Jungle Therapy it’s a secluded untouched area we use as our ceremonial spot.  The majestic hike to the river takes about 20 minutes.  It’s all downhill and an easy hike to the bottom where the river invites you for a swim.  A deep cavern within the tropical mountains of Jamaica, this area is known for the deep azure hue of the water. Enjoy a cool dip in the blue waters and take in stunning scenery. Everyone raves about the beauty & serenity of this place.

Discover natural beauty

The White River

A private river valley to awake your senses

Experience the best of Jamaica

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