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Yoga & Meditation

Meditation and challenging your body with daily Yoga will help you get ready for each day’s activity. Classes offered during the retreat help correct posture, improve circulation, increase general vitality, strength and develop radiant health.

Relax your body and mind!

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice, which uses breath control, physical exercise, and meditative postures. The practice of yoga uses various poses to achieve a connection with the universe. In fact, the word yoga means “union”. Some people refer to yoga as moving meditation, where you calm your mind and create awareness through doing the poses.

Meditative practice helps stabilize your body post-exercise, provides heightened mental clarity, as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Our Yoga Teacher is versed in many forms of meditation. We cater to all levels from beginner to advanced. Exercise your body, then let go to relax and focus your mind.

Yoga & Meditation Sessions Include:
  • Morning group meditation sessions (3)
  • Morning group yoga sessions (3)
  • Sound therapy inclusion